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Thursday, January 27, 2011

a few of my favorite things...

I am spending my day off suffering from an icky cold, a gift from my dear husband! Thanks P! ;) Kleenex and Cold medicine are my friends today.  I read someone's blog about one of their favorite things... mason jars. I heart mason jars too! I decided to blog about some of my most favorite things. Of course my top favorite things in this world are my God, my husband, my step-daughter, my dog, friends and fam.. .but these are my favorite THINGS. Just the little things in my life that make me :) :)

Blue Mason Jars. Love them. I used them for vases at my wedding. They are also great for holding pens, paper clips, and so much more. Most of mine are my granny's and I will treasure them forever. Others I found at random antique stores.

My Pandora bracelet. My mother and sister in law started me on my Pandora bracelet. Most of my beads are gifts from them, my mother, Patrick, or Melissa. Each one has a special story behind it!
Watching the TODAY show. On my days off or days I work the later shift, you can find me drinking a cup of coffee and watching the TODAY show. Its how I keep up with whats going on in the world. I especially love the Hoda Kotb/Kathy Lee Gifford segment at 10. Good times!
COFFEE. COFFEE. COFFEE. I can't resist a good cup of coffee! My mom used to tell me I would be a coffee drinker once I got into my thirties... I never believed her but she was right! Whether its from Starbucks or my beloved Keurig, its an absolute necessity these days. 
BIRDS. Not bird watching but bird "things." I <3 all things bird. This is my favorite
bird picture that I have in my bathroom. I found it at The Perfect Choice in Bentonville.
Sweets!! I have a sweet tooth for sure. I need sweets every day! I LOVE getting dessert at restaurants and always try hard to save room for it. Its the perfect ending to a great meal. One of my all time favorite desserts is...
TIRAMISU. :) I have never been brave enough to make it myself. Maybe one day...

GOOD TuNeS.  I need good tunes when driving to work in the morning or driving on road trips. A good tune  sets the tone for my day. Currently, I am listening to Chris Tomlin's newest cd, I will follow. GREAT cd!
Hunting for BARGAINS!!  Finding a sweet deal on something is like finding a treasure! I love stores like TJMaxx. Yes, I am a maxxinista! I have found super deals from TJMaxx...but you have to be in the mood to "dig" and find that special treasure. My fav buy from TJ's is this Big Buddha bag that I got for 39. Love it!
QUILTS... not just any quilt, but family hand me down quilts. I have a few quilts from my granny/great granny that I hope to pass on in the future.
Well, these are just a handful of my favorite things! What are yours? 

<3, kjm

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