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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BAD pharmacy day, need to vent!

So tonight I have to voice my frustrations with my day in hopes that writing it all down will make it a little better ( the chocolate peanut butter brownie I am eating will probably help to!)...
So most pharmacists would agree that the beginning of a new year is the WORST time to work in a pharmacy. Most people have new insurances, or their insurance copays have changed, many did not receive their new card in the mail in time, etc. Well generally we can figure it out by calling the patients insurance company. BUT there are a few instances in which we try everything and no luck... so then its up to the patient to do the investigating. Well... tonight I had one of the rudest people I have EVER dealt with in my life! We had their rxs ready, but they did not have a new card. We nicely called for them but were not able to get any new info. They took their prescription back and where going to wait to fill it another time after they found their new card. Well at 7:50 ( and we close at 8) The husband and wife called and wanted to come back up there to get it filled because they had their information now. They still had not left the house. WELL there were multiple rxs and normally I would not mind staying late to help someone out but this man was just downright rude. He blamed his insurance fiasco on ME and told me I needed to fix the ****  and I WAS going to stay and wait for him.(yes he used explicatives) So I offered for him to go to the next store down because they close at 9.  He still chewed me out over it saying I "don't care" about my patients because I wasn't willing to stay to wait on him to drive up there and fill his 4 rxs.  I have never felt so threatened and talked down to in my whole career. I still ended up leaving late from work because he continued to voice his opinion and then wanted to speak with  the "manager on staff." Hello, I am THE "manager"!! I hate to say this but many times I don't get the respect I should get in my position because I am a young woman. So it ended with him getting my name and the address and phone number to the corporate office. WHOOP-de-do. I think I have every right to not stay late for someone who is going to talk to me the way he did. End of story.
I DO love my job but days like these really make it hard. I feel like a punching bag many days. When people are sick, or broke, or don't understand their insurance, or their medicine costs to much or their doctor hasn't called in refills... I usually end up getting blasted for it.  :( WHY?
For those of you who are my patients and are always super sweet and understanding, I heart you! You make my days great!
Ok, so sorry for the negative blogging tonight! Just needed to get it out! Tomorrow will be a better day :)


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  1. Sorry you had such a bad day. It's good to get it out. Hopefully folks like him are far and few in between. Tell me, how do you stay well when most of the folks you see are sick (in one way or another). Sandra