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Monday, January 10, 2011

I heart a bargain!

I heart a bargain! I LOVE shopping but hate to pay full price for ANYTHING! If I can find an incredible deal on something that I want or need, I can't pass it up! :) Lately, I have been wanting some rain boots. I have wanted them for a while now, but could never just break down and buy them, mostly because I didn't know how much I would really use them. This morning when I took the dogs outside, a light bulb came on! I REALLY needed some boots I could wear around in the rain/snow... so I went searching on the internet. I came across the Target website and searched for rain boots. Low and behold, tons of cutesie rain boots were on SALE! I found the perfect pair for only $12.48!!
So exciting! I found another pair for Melissa that were only $8.74
Hopefully these cute boots will work for both rain and snow, I can't wait to wear them ;) They have many other patterns and colors on sale.. so check it out HERE!

Well that totally made my day and I just had to share, now to get ready for work. Unfortunately, Walgreens doesn't shut down for Anything...  Snow, Tornado, Hurricane..we are there when you need us AND your drugs!! ;) I have a short shift today, just 2-8 so it should be any easy one. Luckily my sweet hubby has offered to come get my and take me to work so I don't have to drive there and back. He's the best!

Have a fun and safe day!!

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