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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010 & WELCOME 2011!!

It's time to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome all that 2011 has to offer. As I say goodbye to the past, I can't help but think of my fondest memories over the past year. so, here are my top ten MARBURY MOMENTS of 2010:
1. Turning the big 3-0! It was hard to swallow at first but I got over it quickly :) I had a great birthday dinner in Eureka with close friends.

2.Our Gulf Shores beach trip in June with the Marburys and McCrackins. It was just after the oil spill but we didn't let that ruin our trip! We had a lot of fun :) and took some great pics!

3. Melissa turned 13!! We have a teenager on our hands now but she's still very much a kid too, a very sweet one :) we had a pool party and celebrated with all her closest friends and family.

4. My best friend, Karen had a baby this year, Giuliana. We had the pleasure of meeting her before our road trip to the beach this summer! Giuliana made her debut in this world on June 9th. She is an angel and has the sweetest smile :)

5. San Antonio trip with Patrick in July. San Antonio is a neat place to go with lots of great things to see. The trip was for his work convention but it fell on our one year wedding anniversary-bonus!! We had a romantic dinner date and took a riverboat cruise.

6. July 4th, probably my fav holiday! I love getting together with friends or family and doing fireworks, grilling out, etc. We spent this past 4th at the Jolliffs house out on Lake Loch Lomond in Bella Vista.

7. Petit Jean camping trip with p, celebrating the anniversary of our wedding in AR. Simply beautiful! we had the best campsite there and spent a long weekend hiking and biking the trails, and kayaking.

8. Beaver lake camping trip in July with Patrick and Melissa. We love camping on the lake, fishing, and enjoying a peaceful weekend away from town.

9. Our trip to the safari zoo in Gentry. We had a blast at the zoo seeing all the animals and playing with the baby monkeys! Love that place! It's so very Arkansas!

10. Christmas!! We had Melissa this Christmas eve and Christmas morning. We spent Christmas Eve at Patrick's parents house and had dinner, opened presents, and played games. Christmas morning we cooked a great breakfast of waffles and sausage balls and then opened gifts. Melissa and I played "just dance 2" on wii and I almost died dancing to Tina Turner's Rollin on the River. Oh dear i can't keep up with Melissa's dancing skills! We had a blast though. Patrick played with his new metal detector he got from his dad and dug up a couple things in the yard :) nothing special yet but im sure there is some treasure in his future!

Well those are just 10 of my most memorable moments of 2010! 2010 also brought along some challenges but overall it was a good year. Looking forward to another wonderful year and making lots of great memories with my sweet family and friends!
Best wishes to all! We pray your 2011 is full of lots of love, great health, and lots of laughter and fun times!

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