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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuck at home.

I am off today! I normally live for my day off during the week. I wish I could run around town and shop and run errands, but the hubs took my vehicle today to his work. Its the better of the two for driving in the snow. SO I am stuck here until he gets home. WHAT TO DO?

Dishes...that's HIS job :)
DIY project? maybe? but that would probably require a trip to hobby lobby.
build a snowman? no fun by yourself. and TOO COLD! It is in the single digits. no snowman today.
Check out my icicles!

I have decided to tackle THIS. my coat/craft/anything else closet in my dining room. Its a nightmare. Every time I have to look for something, I have to pull everything out. 
BEFORE..clutter, clutter everywhere.

AFTER: less clutter! more organization. I just used shoe boxes to organize things in. Not the cutest, but it works just fine for a closet.
Next, I decided to get a few things ready for my new DESK! It is coming really soon!  I have been using a table and small hutch for a desk and it just isn't working out. Not enough room for everything. I found this one on for a great price. I originally wanted an antique roll top/secretary desk but everyone was wanting like 500 for them. I settled for this cutie: 
I LOVE it! I sold lots of items on craigslist to make some money to pay for it. I love craigslist! I have sold TONS of stuff and have always had good luck with the people I have sold to. I dug some more stuff out of the closet above to sell. so fun!
These are some of the things I will be adding to the desk, just some simple Kimmie style organizers. :)
I am using some of my treasured blue ball jars from my granny for pens, paperclips, and markers, etc. 

Now off to find some more stuff to do, besides watching mindless daytime TV.

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