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Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am IN LOVE with my new desk! :) It was finally shipped to me a few days ago and we just finished putting everything all together late Friday night.  It came in 2 huge heavy boxes in a bajillion pieces and came with a 30 page manual...but it was sooo worth it. It has cubby holes, drawers, & a filing drawer! I know its silly to get so excited about a piece of furniture but I just can't help it. I have spent the majority of the weekend getting everything in its perfect place... from my many fun colorful paper clips and highlighters to my stationary and post-it notes.  So here is my new desk... it is in the sun room for now until we sell this house.

The sun room is one of my favorite rooms in my house. It is now a multi-purpose room as it serves as an office, the room where the dog bed and toys are, and a place to get comfy and read a good book.  I will miss this room so much when we move.

Another thing I did this weekend was FINALLY put my wedding shadow box together.  My friend, Angela bought i for me as a wedding gift for our wedding celebration in October. She had it engraved & it reads... "Kim and Patrick   October 30, 2009." 
I wish I had more memorabilia from that night but I added some pictures, our invitation, and a couple of other cute things and I love how it turned out...
I had a pretty productive weekend! I love my weekends off, just wish I had more of them.
I also found time this weekend for some other fun....
Dixie, my bestie's dog turned 8 and she threw her a dog birthday party. It was super cute and I think about 7 dogs came, including my boy, Tucker. The girls enjoyed some yummy food compliments of Tiff and the dog shared some doggy cake. They had a ball. Here is the birthday girl...
Happy Birthday Dixie!
After the party, I took Melissa and some friends to see Justin Bieber's movie, "Never Say Never." I honestly REALLY enjoyed it! It was a great movie about how Justin got started, his family, and life on tour. He is a sweetie. I might just have bieber fever now ;) 

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