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Thursday, February 3, 2011


My furnace/heater died today. Its been on its last leg for a while now so I shouldn't be surprised, but reaallly?? Tonight! when its supposed to be 9 degrees tonight?! Real Funny Furnace. The technician we spoke with said it sounded to him like its probably a cracked thingymabobber due to its age (1983)? (can't remember what it was) and if so it would have to shut down and red flagged due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. EEEEK! Oh goodness. Maybe the furnace breaking down is a blessing in disguise? 
Luckily we have space heaters, lots of blankets, extra layers, and a fluffy dog to keep us warm. I will actually be so happy to go to work tomorrow just so I can be somewhere that has heat!
I think its safe to say that everyone is NWA is sick of this winter weather. I am starting to despise this white stuff. 
I wish I was on a sandy beach somewhere basking in the warm sun. I hope Punxsutawney Phil
 is right and spring is near.
Phil sure is a fatty but he's cute!

 I am very ready for GREEN and tulips and daffodils.

ANYWAYS... on to Jimmy Johns and what I had for dinner....

Anyone else LOVE Jimmy Johns like I do?? I am forever addicted to the beach club unwich. (pictured above) Basically, its a sandwich wrapped in lettuce. It saves you tons of carbs! I had a mad craving for one tonight, but the nearest JJs is in Bentonville. I was not going to drive over there in this weather so I drove to the Harps just down the street instead. I picked up all the key ingredients (Iceberg Lettuce, turkey, cucumbers, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, avacado, mayo (light), and provolone cheese) and made it Kimmie style and even rolled it up in parchment paper(all I had). It actually turned out sooo good!

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