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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tucker & 14 weeks

Happy 6th Birthday TUCKER!
April 25th is my little boy's birthday. He is one special pup for sure. I got Tucker when I first moved to Rogers. I knew a few people when I first moved here, but still needed a little buddy to keep my company. I never would have chosen a male dog, but when I walked into the puppy store that day in  June of 05', a little white furball stole me heart. He was a crazy little puppy who liked to chew window sills and door jams, and mark his spot all over my little apartment, but he has since grown up. 
He has lots of names...Tuck Tuck, Tucky, Tucker Bear, Monkey, Monk Monk, Ruck.
 He has lots of funny little "Tuckerisms" that make him so unique.  
He only eats when people are home. He will go 12 hours without eating a single bite if no one is home.
He barks like crazy at ANY animals on TV. He even recognizes the tunes of certain commercials that include animals and he runs into the living room to bark at them. He then looks out the front door window to see if they are here somewhere. {He only does this when Mama is home, because he knows he would get in trouble if Dad was at home!} He barks all big and tough but he is really a big chicken!
He walks around at night with a certain toy in his mouth and paces the living room, as if to be trying to find the perfect place to put his toy to rest for the night.
He loves to cuddle and his favorite place is right next to you with his little head on your pillow. 
He hates it when people leave in the morning, or any time at that matter. He will give you a very pitiful look and shake, just hoping you will feel sorry enough for him and stay at home.
Doesn't this look just break your heart?
He is a Mama's boy all the way {but he loves his daddy too ;)}
I foresee some jealously in the future when baby comes into the picture. I am not sure Tucker is going to handle it very well!

Happy Birthday Tucker Bear!!!!

~14 weeks~

Today I am 14 weeks!
Little Marbury can already suck his/her thumb and move his/her little toes!
6 more weeks until we find out the sex!
Nothing new to report...but I am slowly getting a little energy back. It's my day off today and I was up at 7:30 this am and didn't want to lay in bed for hours and hours... so thats a big improvement!
Will keep you updated! Hoping to feel the little one move around in the next few weeks!

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  1. I felt my first at 16 weeks and the second at 14 weeks (only because I knew what to feel for the 2nd time). The first movements feel a little like a gas bubble popping or a tiny flick inside. Laying down helps you feel it better. Soon enough : ) It's the best!

    Also, I think dogs don't eat because they don't like to potty in their space. He knows if he eats he will have to potty. Benni does the same thing. So glad they have some good instincts!