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Friday, April 1, 2011

and the journey begins....

So as you just recently found out, I am pregnant! Patrick and I are expecting a little baby Marbury in October. I wanted to share a little bit about our journey so far :)
We found out about our little bean in early February. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the 2 lines on the pregnancy test, so I had to take 5, yes 5! just to make sure :)
We went to the doctor on Valentine's Day and they confirmed that we were in fact pregnant!!
We had a special dinner already planned at Ruth's Chris steak house for Valentine's day but we had 2 reasons to celebrate that night! Here is a picture from that night.
Here is the first picture of my little bean... this was around 5 and 1/2 weeks.
I wanted to call my mom right away and share the good news, but we decided it would be more special to tell  our families in we came up with the idea of wearing fun t-shirts to reveal the exciting news.
Patrick designed and made our shirts. We planned a trip to visit my parents and wore our shirts underneath jackets. When we arrived, we we just getting settled in and talking and then I said, " Hey, we want to show you something that Patrick made for us." We took our jackets off and it took a minute but my mom screamed in excitement! Everyone was very happy! It was a fun reveal :)
The day we got back home, we had a dinner planned with Patrick's family. We did the same thing for them and they were so excited and surprised too!

Melissa is so excited to be a big sister! She loves babies and is so good with them! Some of my girlfriends are already hitting her up for babysitting jobs and she loves it! She is going to be a wonderful big sister and a BIG help too! ;)

These first weeks have really flown by. I have had some nausea but nothing overwhelming. I've learned how to keep it under control by eating snacks throughout the day and making sure my belly never gets empty. 
My cravings so far: FRUIT, pizza, anything with marinara sauce, chocolate milk.
My biggest obstacle right now is exhaustion! I am ready to have some energy back! Today I am 11 weeks,1 day. The baby is the size of a lime!
We had our first big OB appt this past Wednesday and we were able to hear baby's heartbeat! Baby had a strong heartbeat and it was so incredible to hear it. Its really amazing to know there is a little life growing in my belly. Doc said everything looked picture perfect :) My due date is October 20. October is my favorite month!

We are very eager to find out baby Marbury's gender. We have to wait until June 2nd to find out. 
So far, Patrick has said he just has a "feeling" that it is a BOY. 
When we told my Granny, she looked at Patrick and said, "Its a BOY," just like she just knew for sure.
I took a silly gender prediction test for fun and it said it was a BOY.
Chinese Lunar Calendar says its a BOY.
So far everything leads to BOY!
Of course, we would be happy with a boy or a girl!
Just a couple more months and we will know :) I can hardly wait to be able to call baby by his/her name and start buying some cute baby stuff!


  1. Im soooooo stinkin' excited!!!!!!! I love that your craving is marinara, something about that stinkin' stuff when you are preggs, haha! Avery now loves it! I guess it rubbed off. I can't wait to follow your journey & to raise our kids together.

    LOVE YOU FRIEND!!! =))

  2. Congratulations!!! We are due beginning of November!!! So exciting!

  3. I am so excited for you!!! You are going to be such a great mom! I craved chocolate milk every day when I was pregnant with Audrey and now that is all she drinks (besides water). Very funny. Can't wait to hear what you are having!